Sandra Levick

Sandra Levick
Chief of the Special Litigation Division

The Special Litigation Division (SLD) handles a wide variety of litigation that vindicates the constitutional rights of PDS clients, ensuring equal justice to all in the DC courts, and reforming unfair systemic criminal justice practices. An example of such litigation is the Jerry M. lawsuit brought on behalf of the children committed to the care of the District of Columbia following delinquency proceedings. SLD attorneys also support PDS trial lawyers in the litigation of systemic criminal justice issues, including eyewitness identification issues, forensic issues, and issues pertaining to the suppression of exculpatory information by the government. SLD attorneys have appeared before all the major courts in the District of Columbia — the Superior Court and the Court of Appeals in the local system, and the District Court for the District of Columbia, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, and the US Supreme Court in the federal system.


Brady Litigation

Challenging Civil Forfeiture

DNA Database 4th Amendment Litigation

Habeas Corpus

Joe Wills Litigation

Supreme Court

The Discredited "Science" of Hair Microscopy and a Call for the Review of All Serious Convictions Where It Played a Role

The Exoneration of Donald Eugene Gates

The Wrongful Conviction of Kirk L. Odom

The Wrongful Conviction of Santae A. Tribble

Vindicating the Civil Rights of PDS Clients Under Supervision