Betsy Biben

Betsy Biben
Chief of the Office of Rehabilitation
& Development

The Office of Rehabilitation & Development (ORD) - formerly, Offender Rehabilitation - is composed of forensic social workers and forensic professional counselors who are sentencing specialists. They work with clients who present a broad range of emotional, social, psychiatric, and substance abuse related problems. They provide attorneys with psychosocial assessments, and develop individualized treatment plans and sentencing recommendations for clients to whom they are assigned.

All of the sentencing specialists are skilled and experienced master level, or beyond, licensed social workers or professional counselors who address DC Superior Court judges to provide viable community-based alternatives to incarceration, where appropriate. This can include job rehabilitaton, substance abuse treatment, mental health interventions, mentoring recommendations, and housing referrals. They also prepare Community Youth Act Studies, and reports for the US Parole Commission revocation hearings.

The ORD staff produces a comprehensive annual Directory of Resources for Adults: Community & Confinement and a biennial Directory of Youth Resources (see website) that list a wide range of services available to those in the criminal justice system. The staff is available to consult with judges, panel attorneys, and others in the court system.