49th CPI Conference

Deborah T. Creek Criminal Practice Institute: Summer, Fall, and Winter Series

PDS has launched the Deborah T. Creek Criminal Practice Institute: Summer and Fall Series. PDS offers this free training to members of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel.  The Series contains sessions on numerous different criminal defense areas, including trial skills, immigrant defense, collateral civil consequences, sentencing, ethics, parole matters, and hot issues in class action litigation.

The Series is open to panel attorneys and other interested pro bono attorneys practicing criminal law in the District of Columbia, and registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The summer program is generally posted by early May and the fall program in early August.  Most courses qualify for CLE credit in other jurisdictions.

Here is this summer's 2017 CPI Program and registration information.  Available training materials for this summer's 2017 CPI Program include:

DNA 101: Basic Principles of Forensic DNA Analysis
DNA 101_for CPI_July 2017-with notice

Litigating Police Misconduct
BWC Outline CPI 2017
Merits determination - 16-0207
MPD misconduct investigation flowchart
Police Misconduct Litigation Primer_2017 CJA update
Police misconduct resources CPI

Below you will find the program and training materials for previous Deborah T. Creek Criminal Practice Institute training programs:

PDS 2017 Winter CPI Program

Appellate Court Round-Up
Significant Decisions in Criminal Cases

The Intersection Of Education And Justice: Overcoming Barriers Facing Older Students Involved In DC’s Juvenile And Criminal Justice Systems
2016 MOA for Educational services for Youth Committed to DYRS
DCPS_Authorization to Release Records Adult or Former Student_2016
DCPS_Authorization to Release Records Parent or Guardian_2016

What to do When You Get a DNA Case
DNA litigation_CPI winter 2017

Hot Topics Associated with the Use of Video in Traffic Cases

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice:  What to do if Your Client is Charged with Possessing or Distributing Synthetic Cannabinoids
Synthetic Cannabinoids Training Handout 1
Synthetic Cannabinoids Training Handout 2
DEA discovery letter (CJA training)

2016 Fall CPI Program

DNA 101:  Basic Principles of Forensic DNA Analysis
Course Materials for DNA 101:  Basic Principles of Forensic DNA Analysis

How to Tell a Story and Present the Evidence Effectively:  The ABC's of a Winning Opening
The Opening Statement Process
Opening Lecture PowerPoint 

Brady, Discovery, and Recent Changes in Criminal Procedures:  Getting the Most Out of Our Discovery Rules? 
Memo--NEAR Act--March 2016

Guns, Drugs, and DV Cases:  How Common Charges Affect Your Immigrant Client, Plus a Discussion on Avenues of Cross-Examination for the Non-Citizen Witness

Immigration Consequences of Crimes Summary Checklist 2014
Common Defenses to Removal
Padilla v Kentucky
Illegal Entry as Crime, Deportation as Punishment: Immigration Status and the Criminal Process
Juvenile Delinquency Cheat Sheet

Plea Bargaining in Juvenile Court
Plea Bargaining in Juvenile Court

Advanced Legal Research
Advanced Legal Research CJA Fall 2016

2016 Summer CPI Program

Defending Juvenile Drug Case
Defending Juvenile Drug Case - Orders
Defending Juvenile Drug Case - DEA Litigation Primer

Litigating Police Misconduct
Order 1-Redacted
Coates v. US
Order 2-Redacted
Order 3-Redacted
Police Misconduct Litigation Primer CPI 2016
Police Misconduct Useful Links
Order 4-Redacted
Bias Instruction Highlighted-Redacted
Terry v. US
Vaughn v. US
Sources of Police Misconduct Info
Matter of CBN
Dismissal-Failure to turn over materials-Redacted
Artis v. US
Longus v. US

Hot Topics Associated with the Use of Video on Traffic Cases
Request for Preservation and Production of Video

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