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Budget Officer

Vacancy Announcement:
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Opening Date:
Jun 30, 2020
Closing Date:
Jul 21, 2020
Number of Vacancies:
Position Type:
Full-time, Permanent
633 Indiana Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20004

***Interviews will be conducted via Cisco WebEx during the COVID-19 pandemic***

Who May Appy:
U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work in the United States

Starting Salary: AD-13 $102,663 - $133,465 (equivalent to GS-13)

Promotion Potential: PDS-14 (equivalent to GS-14) If hired at PDS Grade 13, a candidate may be promoted without further competition upon completion of one year of exemplary performance, subject to approval by the PDS Director.

Organization Description:

Organization Overview: The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS) is a federally funded, independent organization governed by an eleven-member Board of Trustees. PDS provides legal representation to individuals facing a loss of freedom in the local criminal, delinquency, and mental health systems in the District of Columbia. PDS’s approximately 220 employees comprised of attorneys, social workers, investigators, administrative, and technical staff collaborates with each other to advance the PDS mission. PDS’s main office is located at 633 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  The District of Columbia residency is not a requirement for employment.  PDS is funded by federal appropriations, and all employees are entitled to participate in federal health and life insurance plans, the federal retirement plans (FERS, FERS-RAE, FERS-FRAE, CSRS, CSRS-Offset), and the Thrift Savings Plan.  Transferring employees will receive recognition of creditable federal service for leave accrual and retirement purposes. Employment at the Public Defender Service is neither federal nor District of Columbia government employment and all employees are At-Will.

Office of Budget & Finance Description: To support PDS’s holistic approach to public defense, the Office of Budget and Finance (OB&F) provides planning, oversight, management and stability of all financial activities including accounting, financial management, procurement, and budget operations. The OB&F mission is to protect the organization’s assets through effective financial planning and management, enhance fiscal integrity, ensure accurate and comprehensive financial reporting and analysis, and enable the achievement of PDS’ mission through the strategic allocation and optimization of resources.

Position Description:

The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS) is seeking to employ a Budget Officer to perform a full complement of budgetary operations necessary to support the programs, operations, and personnel of the organization, including formulation of the budget request, budget justifications and presentations, and execution of the approved annual budget for the organization.

Essential Duties:

The incumbent reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and assists in performing the day-to-day responsibilities associated with budgetary operations. The Budget Officer will be required to:

  1. Serve as the principal advisor to the Director, Deputy Director, CFO and other top management officials on matters of budget policy, legislation, laws, federal rules and regulations, and procedural guidelines. Develop or recommend financial management policies, procedures, and instructions concerning budget planning, programming, budgeting and execution. Perform a wide range of analytical, technical, and advisory functions related to the end-to-end budget processes.


  2. Process and prepare detailed analysis and estimates of annual funding needs for the organization and link those needs to the organization’s strategic and annual performance plans. Develop and issue budget guidelines and instructions for program managers; draft or issue budget calls requesting information regarding funding needs and program information. Gather, compare, and correlate information about projected costs of current and future programs and activities. Conduct cost benefit analyses to develop budget estimates for the desired level of program operations for review by the top management officials. Draft or recommend required written justification for proposed requests for funds in conjunction with program managers and participates with top management officials in finalizing the justifications for the proposed budget.


  3. Advise management officials concerning organizational strategy for responding to OMB questions or requests for additional budget justifications. On behalf of the CFO, perform as PDS’ liaison to OMB for purposes of reiterating budgetary needs, communicating justification content, and negotiating appeals. Attend OMB budget review hearings, provide advice or assistance to top management officials during the hearings, and as required, testify on certain budget questions or issues. Review and analyze the OMB approved budget by line items and, as directed, prepare any appeals relating to certain OMB budget actions or decisions. Upon OMB decisions on appeals, prepare a final budget submission to OMB within OMB approved guidelines and instructions.


  4. Prepare a final annual budget request for submission to Congressional appropriations committees. Advise and assist the top management officials with the process of Congressional review of the budget request. On behalf of the CFO, perform as PDS’ liaison to Congressional Appropriations Committees for purposes of reiterating budgetary needs, communicating justification content, and negotiating appeals. With appropriate OMB clearance, respond to questions or requests for additional budget information from Congressional staff. Act as an advisor to the Director, Deputy Director and CFO during Congressional hearings on budgetary and related program matters. Develop and manage a system of administrative controls designed to monitor, check, and control the use of agency funds. Assure that the obligations incurred and resulting expenditures of funds are in accordance with existing laws and regulations. Review requests from program offices for availability of funds, legality, and assessment of PDS priority and certifies fund availability for those requests.


  5. Establish and maintain a variety of records and documents relating to budget execution. Monitor budget execution including obligations, balance of funds, projections of expenditures and trend analysis. Assist management officials in making informed decisions by preparing monthly and special budget execution reports. Acts as backup to the Staff Accountant for reviews of year-to-date obligations and disbursements on all accounts, and reconciles differences.


  6. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications:

For the Grade 13, your resume and work experience must show that you have at least one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-12 level in the Federal service or equivalent.  For the Grade 14, your resume and work experience must show that you have at least one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-13 level in the Federal service or equivalent and must include:

  • Extensive experience with budgetary operations: planning, programming, budgeting, and execution. Demonstrated ability in identifying and analyzing trends in the use of funds and recommending adjustments in program spending to program managers and staff officials in interpreting the impact of and planning for multi-year financial/budgetary and program changes.
  • Expert experience with formulating and monitoring the execution of short- and long-range detailed budget forecasts and plans to fund organizational programs and support activities; establishing financial and budgetary goals, timetables, milestones, and other criteria for measuring program achievements; planning the timely acquisition and use of funds through time-phased allotments and transfers of fund; adjusting long-range budget forecasts and monitoring their execution for organizational programs; analyzing costs, benefits, and trends in rates of obligation and expenditure of funds; and recommending ways to improve the utilization of funds.
  • Extensive experience implementing guidelines which include policy directives and procedures; OMB circulars, regulations, and guidelines; basic legislation; federal appropriations laws; established budget practices and procedures; etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or related
  • Five years experience as a Budget Officer or equivalent
  • 10 years experience in financial management

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s): A successful candidate must present evidence of experience in the following areas:

  • Expert knowledge of, and skill in applying, appropriation law, other budget- related laws, regulations, policies, precedents, methods and techniques sufficient to perform a wide range of analytical, technical, and advisory functions related to the budgetary processes, including planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPBES). Ability to develop and render authoritative interpretations of OMB guidelines and directives and how they impact a Federally-funded entity


  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in order to develop narrative in budget requests and background documentation for presentation of PDS’s budget to high level officials and OMB. Apply written and oral communication techniques sufficient to develop and deliver effective briefings, presentations, reports, and correspondence dealing with a variety of policy, technical and program issues.


  • Experience in the use of personal computers (spreadsheets, databases, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and federal financial management systems (Oracle or similar financial system) for the analysis and graphic presentation of budget data, status of funds report and budget execution requirements.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Related certifications: CDFM, CGFM, CPA, or similar
Application Evaluation:

How you will be evaluated: Your application package includes your letter of interest, resume and requested supporting documents. Please ensure your application package includes detailed information to support your qualifications for this position. Failure to provide sufficient evidence in your application package and requested supporting documents can result in a rejection of your application package. Prior to the closing date of this announcement, PDS reserves the right to conduct phone screenings.

If selected for an interview, you will be required to complete an assessment that will assess your knowledge and skills, as they relate to this position.

Rating: Your application package will be rated and ranked among other applicants, based on your experience, education, training, performance appraisals, and awards relevant to the duties of this position. Your rating can be lowered if your application package is not supported by the requested documents.

Referral: If you are among the top qualified candidates, your application package will be referred to a hiring manager for consideration at which time you may be invited to participate in a selection interview.  


PDS is funded by federal appropriations, and employees are entitled to participate in federal benefits plans, federal retirement systems, and the workers compensation program. Transferring federal employees will receive recognition of creditable federal service for leave accrual and retirement (if applicable) purposes. Benefits include:

Federal Employees Retirement Systems (retirement annuity)
Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401K program)
Federal Employees Health Benefits (health insurance)
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (life insurance)
Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program
Flexible Spending Accounts (for health care and dependent care)
Long Term Care
Public Transportation Subsidy (funding contingent)
Parking Space Lottery
Employee Assistance Program
Federal Occupational Health (access to health clinic and services)

How To Apply:

PDS is collaborating with Foxhound Partners in our recruitment efforts. Please use the link below to submit your application.

PDS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and E-Verify Participating Agency.