Faheemah Davillier, Chief of the Investigations Division
Chief (Investigations Division)

Faheemah Davillier

Faheemah Davillier, Chief of the Investigations Division, oversees the provision of thorough and professional investigative services for all legal divisions at PDS. She joined PDS as an intern investigator in September 2002, and has since held many leadership positions within the Investigations Division.  As deputy chief, in addition to supporting the day to day operations of the Investigations Division, Faheemah assisted in the development and training of fellow staff investigators, staff attorneys, intern investigators, Criminal Justice Act (CJA) investigators, and for the National Defense Investigator Association (NDIA.)  Other leadership roles have included training coordinator and lead investigator for the Special Litigation Division while simultaneously conducting investigations for both juvenile and adult indigent defendants.

Faheemah graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelors Degree in Law and Society.