Why Join the PDS Champions of Liberty?

PDS staff and alumni will tell you that working at PDS is the best job you will ever have!

Our work environment is:

  • Professional and familial
  • Culturally diverse and inclusive
  • Encouraging and engaging

 We offer:

  • Federal benefits
  • Exceptional training opportunities
  • Career cultivation
  • A community of excellence
  • Equal opportunity employment

Listen to former and current PDS staff, law clerks, and interns talk about why they are our Champions of Liberty.

Why Join the Champions of Liberty?


Former trial attorney Phil Andonian reflects on his work at PDS.


Staff Attorney Natalie Epps discusses her experience as a (former) trial attorney working with juvenile clients.


PDS Staff Attorney Craig Hickein talks about his career as a public defender.



The Law Clerkship Experience at PDS.


The Criminal Law Internship Program