The PDS Protest Hotline is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays Through Fridays.  

Call (202) 824-2463.


If you or someone you know has been arrested, has an open arrest warrant, or has been questioned by law enforcement related to protesting in the District of Columbia, the Public Defender Service for D.C. (PDS) Protest Hotline is available to answer your legal questions. All calls will be handled by one of our office’s criminal defense attorneys. All calls to the Hotline for legal advice are confidential and free of charge.  

After speaking with you, a lawyer from our office may be able to provide full representation in your legal matter; however, speaking with an attorney on the Hotline and receiving preliminary advice is not a promise that PDS will be able to represent you in your case. If PDS is not able to represent you, the information received and provided during your call to the Hotline will remain confidential.  When appropriate, PDS may be able to recommend outside service referrals.

The Hotline will also assist CJA and pro bono attorneys with general legal questions to support their clients dealing with issues related to protesting in the District of Columbia.

The Hotline is a service being offered on a pilot project basis. If you are a protest organizer, we encourage you to call the Hotline at least a day in advance of your planned protest to help us ensure lawyers are available to answer any calls during the time of your planned event.