Criminal Law Internship Program

The Criminal Law Internship Program (CLIP) is a fast paced, hands-on investigative internship program for undergraduate and graduate students.  Our Investigative Interns don’t just sit around the office copying files!  CLIP has been described by The Washington Post as one of the finest pre-law experiences available, and the Princeton Review ranked the program as one of the most hands-on internship programs in the nation, stating that the program is "a criminal law internship at its in-your-face best."

Investigative Interns spend at least 12 weeks partnering directly with staff attorneys to complete various investigative tasks and advocate for their clients.

Spend your internship in the District of Columbia community, meeting with clients, and feeling the thrill of representing clients in court.  We offer a unique learning experience that can both prepare you for graduate-level work and provide you with the experience necessary for employment in any field.

For session updates and other program details see the CLIP Informational Bulletin.


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CLIP Informational Bulletin 2024-2025

CLIP Investigative Intern Position Description