Rashida Edmondson, Chief of Parole
Chief (Parole Division)

Rashida Edmondson

Rashida Edmondson, Chief of the Parole Division, has represented indigent clients at parole and supervised release revocation hearings for more than a decade. She has also served as the parole division’s systemic challenge advocate/litigator, focusing on policy and legal and procedural issues affecting returning citizens under supervised release and parole supervision. Rashida has also served as the dedicated defense attorney in the D.C. Superior Court Drug Court Program and has prior experience advocating for, assisting, and aiding in training and resource development for juvenile indigent defense attorneys, nationwide as well as working on compassionate release cases and campaigns to improve medical care in prisons and to move toward a world without prisons. Born and raised in D.C. and PG County, Rashida holds a J.D. from Stanford Law School and is dedicated to supporting and lifting the voices of the community that are at risk of being silenced and ignored.