Tia Richardson, Chief of Defender services Office
Chief (Defender Services Office)

Tia Richardson

Tia Richardson, Chief of the Defenders Services Office at PDS, is grateful to have been given the opportunity to focus her career on helping the most vulnerable citizens of the District of Columbia.  Tia began her 14-year PDS career with the Defender Service Office as the Quality Assurance Specialist and was promoted within a year to Deputy Chief of the division.  In this capacity, she has become very knowledgeable of the D.C. Superior Court process and is able to use this knowledge to assist clients in accessing all available services.  In February of 2014, Tia was again promoted to Chief of the Defender Service Office and has taken on this new role with enthusiasm.  Tia’s professional drive is rooted in a strong desire to see that those most hopeless and helpless individuals are afforded quality legal representation.  She is proud to be able to carry out this mission with the Public Defender Service.

Tia has over twenty years of experience in the Criminal Justice Field, and has an extensive education including a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters degree in Legal and Ethical Studies.