Welcome to the PDS Legal Recruiting Blog!

by Jennifer Thomas

Are you interested in doing public interest work and seeking a meaningful clerkship or legal experience that exposes you to incredible training opportunities, brilliant minds, strategic and creative thinking and writing, client advocacy skills, collaboration and camaraderie, among others?

If so, you will want to visit my blog throughout the year to learn about PDS’s annual open house, recruiting calendar, job opportunities, and when we will be visiting your campus.  The blog will also report on the experiences of our PDS law clerks and lawyers.

For my first post, I am sharing my upcoming recruiting schedule with you:

8/31:  University of Texas School of Law

8/31:  University of Georgia School of Law

9/1:  John Marshall Law School & Mercer University School of Law

9/2:  Emory University School of Law

9/3:  Georgia State University College of Law

9/8:  University of San Francisco School of Law

9/8:  UCLA School of Law

9/8:  Harvard Law School

9/9:  Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

9/9:  UC Berkeley School of Law

9/10:  University of Hastings College of Law

9/11:  University of California, Irvine School of Law

9/15:  Boston University School of Law

9/16:  Boston College Law School

9/17:  University of Pennsylvania Law School

9/18:  Yale Law School

9/22:  Northwestern University School of Law

9/24:  Loyola University Chicago School of Law

9/24:  New York University School of Law

Jennifer Thomas
Director of Legal Recruiting