My Upcoming Recruiting Schedule

by Jennifer Thomas


Hi!  I would like to give a shout-out to this year’s law clerks who have done a stellar job in support of PDS’s clients.  They have interviewed clients, performed legal research, written motions and briefs, and practiced trial and other advocacy skills.   

If you are interested in working at PDS or exploring the work of a public defender, you should come and meet with me at one of the recruiting events below.  I am recruiting trial lawyers for the fall of 2018 and 2L and 3L law clerks for next summer.

Friday, August 4 - PDS - Texas in Washington
Monday, August 7- Wayne State University Law School
Tuesday, August 8 - Detroit Mercy Law
Monday, August 21 - University of Chicago Law School
Tuesday, August 22 - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Wednesday, August 23 - Loyola Chicago
Thursday, August 24 - Howard Table Talk
Tuesday, August 29 - Boston College of Law
Wednesday, August 30 - Boston University School of Law
Thursday, August 31 - Northeastern Law School
Tuesday, September 5 - UCLA Law School
Wednesday, September 6 - Loyola Los Angeles Law School
Thursday, September 7 - USC Gould Law School
Thursday,  September 14 - University of Texas Law
Monday, September 18 - Berkeley Law School
Tuesday, September 19 - San Francisco Law School
Wednesday, September 20 - UC Hastings Law School
Monday, September 25 - Tulane Law School
Tuesday, September 26 - Loyola New Orleans Law School
Wednesday, September 27 - University of Michigan Law School
Thursday, September 28 - Cooley Law School


P.S.  This is a good read for when thinking about how to prepare yourself for a public defender interview--Acing the Public Defender Interview.