Board of Trustees

An eleven-member Board of Trustees governs PDS.  Composition of the Board is governed by PDS's authorizing statute, D.C. Code §§2-1601 to 1608.  The PDS Board plays a very important role at PDS: it establishes and maintains PDS’s independence.  The Board also serves as a monitor and protector of PDS, sets general policy at PDS, hires the PDS  director and deputy director, has the authority to approve a PDS decision to take on additional functions in furtherance of statutorily identified categories of representation, and is responsible for providing an annual report and conducting an annual audit of PDS’s finances.

PDS Board members include:

Blair G. Brown, Chairperson
Marlon Griffith, Vice Chairperson
Ira Arlook
Miriam Carter
Laurie Davis
Marc Fleischaker
Jamie Gardner
Lisa Greenman
Larry Moon, Jr.
Heather N. Pinckney
Deborah Shore